Community Shredding Events

M2HDS was in Southfield, Michigan for a community event held onsite at the Michigan First Credit Union. The following is from their flyer:

M2HDS enjoyed supporting the Clarkston State Bank Annual Shred Day at their M-15 Branch Location. The following is from their flyer:

"Mark your calendars...

Clarkston State Bank, in partnership with Shred-MAX Mobile Document and Michigan Mobile Hard Drive Shredding, will be sponsoring a FREE community based event at our M-15 Branch location from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM...

Our M-15 Branch is located at 5800 S. Main St at the corner of Citation Drive and M-15.

This is an opportunity to bring all of your personal documents and records to be shredded. This year we have also added Hard Drive Shredding! Professional destruction of your personal records will help protect you from the rising threat of identity theft.

Clarkston State Bank together with Shred-MAX & Michigan Mobile Hard Drive Shredding want to help protect you from identity theft. Hard drives will be destroyed as the owner witnesses the destruction.

Professional hard drive shredding is safe, secure, and results in a proper environmental disposal of the shredded materials ..."

To support the Waterford Township leadership and their constituents, we shred hard drives and tapes at the main township hall parking lot; 5200 Civic Center Drive, Waterford, Michigan 48327.

The event was from Noon until 3:00 PM. We destroyed computer hard drives while township residents witnessed the destruction of the hard drives they brought.

Similar to the need to destroy old paper documents and files, the need exists to destroy old hard drives as they contain information that could fall in to the wrong hands. Professional shredding is safe, secure, and results in a proper environmental disposal of the shredded materials.

A paper shredding company (Shred-MAX) was also present; there were no box limits for the shredding services for this event.  

Birmingham Covington School; Electronic Recycling and Hard Drive Shredding Event

Cheri & Tony Skomra of Michigan Mobile Hard Drive Shredding present a check to Adam Hartley, principal of Birmingham Covington School, while Patricia Chinn, assistant principal (far left), and Pauline Roberts, teacher (far right), look on.

At the event, parents and community members brought in electronics for recycling and/or shredding, and students from the BCS Thinking Green Team learned about hard drive shredding, the various materials in computers and how they are recycled, and protecting personal information.

Some of the many smiling faces!

Thank you to BCS and the Thinking Green Team!


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