Hard Drive Destruction

Do you want to improve information security for your company - and help protect your compliance?

Michigan Mobile Hard Drive Shredding will physically destroy your old, defective, and obsolete computer hard drives on site, while your designated employees witness the entire process. After your hard drives are destroyed, we hand you itemized destruction reports and the certificate of destruction.

The hard drive disposal is completed by transporting the shredded materials for proper disposal and recycling.

Onsite hard drive destruction is a modern and progressive approach - compared to the former practice of sending hard drives to offsite locations for destruction. All the packing, shipping, trucking, offsite receiving, and remote handling were extra, non-value-added process steps that increased your risk of data loss and raised the potential for liability.

We use specialized equipment that performs destruction by physical hard drive shredding; the process is precise, quick, and secure. It is much safer and more efficient than having your employees trying to drill many holes in quantities of hard drives. You also receive our independent destruction audit reports.

We will inventory your company's hard drive serial numbers and/or model numbers in advance of the shredding operation, if you require that service. 

We can also easily provide data center hard drive destruction.

Hard drive destruction and disposal have never been easier - or more secure. 

If you want to improve your information security with M2HDS, you can; 

a) Get a quote now; quotes@m2hds.com

b) Call toll-free for more info:  877.624.3726   (877.M2HDS.CO)


M2HDS provides secure mobile hard drive destruction service.

Want to know more? See our list of Advantages, learn more (below), or see our Shredding Services page.

Hard Drive Destruction and Hard Drive Disposal in Michigan

We will provide hard drive destruction and hard drive disposal services onsite at all locations in Michigan. We reach the metro areas and every city - including Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Flint, Traverse City, the Upper Peninsula, and all cities in between ... from Ada to Zeeland! We are based in Oakland County in SE MI, but as we are a mobile shredding company, we can provide services in every Michigan county - all 83 of them! If you have sites in additional states, give us a call and tell us about your requirements.

Our office hours are 8 AM to 6 PM ET, Monday through Friday, but our reliable and secure services will be scheduled whenever they best meet your operational requirements. We often work evenings or Saturdays to suit our customers.

Hard Drive Destruction Compared to Hard Drive Erasing (Wiping)

In our opinion, destruction is best used for hard drives at end-of-life, for hard drives suspected or known to be faulty, or to comply with external or internal mandates. Also, it is normally more cost effective when considering the total cost of service. For more on this subject, please see our Why Shred? page.

Michigan Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

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We promote and support the most secure method of information destruction plus proper disposal and recycling. On site shredding offers the opportunity for you to witness the real time destruction of your information; the chain of custody starts and ends with you.

We are proud to be a reliable, woman-owned, Michigan-based company. Thank you for considering our hard drive destruction services.