About M2HDS

Our company was founded in 2009 to service organizations that have IT security compliance mandates for hard drive destruction and who also know that shredded materials must have proper environmental disposal.

The basis of our operations therefore became performing the shredding process at customer locations, while the customer witnesses the entire process, and assuring that no resulting materials go to landfills. As we have grown, we have responded to our customer's requirements for a broader range of destruction, disposal, and recycling services.

Our Michigan-based business is family owned and operated. For security and dependability reasons, we operate with new, modern, and safe equipment. We also purchase as much of it as possible from Michigan manufacturing companies.

We are grateful to have provided services for health care providers (from major hospitals to individual doctors and dentists), legal firms, educational institutions, R&D companies, IT service companies, banks, credit unions, insurance companies, benefit and financial consulting groups, public sector (federal, state, and local) organizations, asset recovery companies, religious organizations, small and medium sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies, wholesalers, and manufacturing companies.

We have also been pleased to participate in public shredding events where we have focused on security for individuals by destroying hard drives from home computers while the owners watched.

Thank you for all your support! 

Cheri Skomra, President and Owner; Tony Skomra, VP of Business Development

Michigan Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

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