Hard Drive Shredding Service

Onsite hard drive shredding will help protect your company's compliance and can help improve information security.

Here in Michigan, you can reduce the risk of data loss and potential liability, as you retain physical custody of the hard drives and devices you decide to have shred. Your designated employees witness the entire Michigan Mobile Hard Drive Shredding process at your location - plus - your itemized shredding reports can be provided while we are onsite. 

Get a quote now for secure onsite shredding service; either write to quotes@m2hds.com or call toll-free to 877.624.3726 (877.M2HDS.CO).

Our shredding service also includes;

Hard Drive Shredding (Hard Disk Shredding, HDD Shredding, HD Shredding, SSD Shredding)

Tape Shredding; LTO, DLT, DDS, 8mm, 4mm

DVDs and CDs

Cell Phones, Smart Phones, and Tablets

Optical Disks, Floppy Disks, VHS Security Tapes, and Other Storage Media

Michigan Mobile Hard Drive Shredding - M2HDS - offers you several advantages.

Hard Drive Shredding

How concerned are you when you need confidential data destroyed - especially your hard drive data?

Our secure hard drive shredding service is the most secure way to destroy - and then dispose of - old hard drives because they remain onsite, in your possession, while our professionals perform the physical shredding. Proper recycling is then performed on the shredded materials.

- M2HDS shredding services are performed safely - and have been engineered to be ultra-quiet. Your customers, employees, and your business neighbors will not be disturbed.

- Our hard drive shredding equipment and processes are performed in a secure, clean, climate-controlled vehicle. That is where you will witness the actual shredding process (no need to stand next to a shredding truck).

- You do not need to inventory, pack, and then ship your computer hard drives offsite for shredding at a remote location.  

- You will find that the process control to shred a hard drive is precise and reliable - each one is normally individually shred, tracked, and reported on.

- Computer reports are produced in real-time that capture the clock time and serial number during each hard drive shredding cycle.

- Your reports and the Certificate of Destruction are provided to you electronically.

- M2HDS then completes the process of recycling the shredded hard drive materials by proper disposal. Recycling hard drives has never been made easier - or more secure.

Data Cartridge and Tape Shredding Services

Magnetic tape cartridges and data cartridges - including DDS-1 through DDS-4, DAT 72, DAT 160, DAT 320, DLT, Super DLT, LTO-1 through LTO-8 (Ultrium), and more - can be shred onsite and then transported for R2 Certified Recycling. Bulk shredding is normal for tapes, however, some customers prefer to have their bar code labels recorded and then individually destroyed, tracked, and reported on.

Shredding Services for Other Electronic Storage Media

Other storage media can be shred during a site visit. We will shred your DVDs, CDs, cell phones, memory sticks, and VHS tapes. Batteries are removed from the portable hand-held devices before device shredding and we assure the batteries receive separate, proper recycling.

Shredding Services in Michigan

Our company is based in the Metro Detroit area in Michigan (Oakland County), but our commercial shredding service is completely mobile. We will travel to every city, metro area, and county in Michigan to perform onsite shredding for your company - when it best suits your schedule. If you also have locations in other states, call and tell us about your requirements.

Michigan Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

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M2HDS promotes and supports the most secure method of information destruction. Mobile shredding offers the opportunity for you to witness the real time destruction of your information; the chain of custody starts and ends with you.

We are proud to be a reliable, woman-owned, Michigan-based company.

Disambiguation: This hard drive shredding service page also pertains to hard disk/hdd/hd/ssd shredding service, shred hard disk/hdd/hd, and hard disk recycling service.