Computer Disposal Service

When disposing of your company's computers and equipment, you can't be too careful to protect your company's compliance or improve information security. No one wants a liability issue.

So when you need to have your computers properly disposed - and protect your information, we will pick up your computers and destroy the hard drives on site in the same visit. We believe it greatly benefits you to have your computer hard drives destroyed before your computer equipment is shipped offsite.

Do any of the following situations apply to you and your organization?

It may be time to recycle old computers that have been building up for way too long!

You may have a steady, ongoing need for recycling computers - desktops, laptops, tablets, or servers.

You may be preparing for a major upgrade to your infrastructure - a large scale equipment installation program that at some point will require you to dispose of old computers and electronics. 

In any of these situations - be safe! M2HDS specializes in onsite hard drive destruction - and also will support and/or manage the computer disposal process for you.

But most importantly, we strongly recommend that you avoid shipping a batch of stand-alone hard drives offsite for destruction and that you have the service performed only at your location.

Computer disposal in Michigan is made more secure and easier by working with M2HDS.

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